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  • Understanding the Lake Level

    You will find when you click on the link below, a brief explanation from one of the members of the United States Geographical Survey team in Indianapolis on how to interpret the various numbers used to record the legal level of lakes, specifically our lake.  It is great information and includes a second page with their chart showing data from January 2011 to November 2012 collected here at their lake gage.  This will be updated as soon as they have all of 2012 data available.  Direct from USGS’ Jeff Woods

  • Lake Max Land Trust now a reality!

    News was received on December 5, 2012 that a land trust the Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Fund has been working on for a little more than a year has been accepted by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity.    This is wonderful news for Lake Maxinkuckee.  A new non-profit partnership has been formed to help safe-guard  the wonders and beauty of this natural resource.

    From this point forward, the Lake Maxinkuckee Conservancy Foundation can accept gifts of land deemed to be sensitive or beneficial to the lake.  The LMCF will manage and protect all lands in its possession for future generations to come, thereby protecting the beautiful lake we have been so gifted with in our community.

    All land donations will benefit the donor by receiving tax deductible status under IRS guidelines.

    Land can be accepted directly, either as an “unrestricted gift” or as a “restricted gift”.   Non-development Easements or Conservation Easements will also be considered.  Please contact the Executive Director at for more details.