Curtis Wetland

Curtis Wetland – The 12 acre Curtis Wetland was the second wetland built by LMEC and was completed in early 1990 on an area east of the lake. It is similar to the Wilson in that it originally was not a wetland but pasture land along the Curtis Ditch. The IDNR’s Lake and River Enhancement program provided the majority of the $112,000 (1989 $) of funds with the balance being raised locally by the LMEF.  In 2017 dollars that cost would have been $224,401.53.

This wetland is maintained by LMEC members.  We work with the property owner to keep weeds like phragmites down, the levees strong and the wetland flow controlled so it benefits the lake as well as the land owner.  This property owner is a great environmentalist who does much to enhance the wetland on his own.

The legally named Curtis Ditch runs from a farm to the east, passes through the wetland, then continues west into Lake Maxinkuckee, draining 1,563 acres in the eastern portion of the watershed.  This is the cleanest water flowing into the lake as of 2012 – proof the wetland is working at its peak!

LMEC members work annually to keep beaver dams from blocking the flow, the photo to the right shows LMEC Chairman Allen Chesser breaking down the dam in 2010.


The photo below is of the property owner conducting a controlled burn at the wetland in 2011.